Accept responsibility for your actions. Be accountable for your results.
Take ownership of your mistakes.– Anonymous

Accountability. Chances are you know someone that struggles with this, and perhaps maybe even you.

To be a trusted leader, colleague, and friend, we need to be authentic and take ownership of our actions and behaviors.
E-Coach Associates is one of our Strategic Partners and their workplace performance tool QwikCoach shares the following about accountability:

  • Focus on results and “own” them. Successes are to be celebrated!
  • Own failures too. Learn from them; what could be done so they are not repeated?


  • Take ownership.
  • Take responsibility.
  • Buy in completely.
  • Know/support the organization’s vision.
  • Focus on excellence.
  • Be persistent.
  • Overcome barriers.Stay the course.


  • Let yourself off the hook.
  • Own successes but not failures.
  • Look to blame others.
  • Make excuses.
  • Over explain failure.
  • Take more credit than deserved.

And we’d like to add:
DO be realistic about the situation and impacts and take action before the issue escalates
DON’T point fingers
DON’T get caught up in the “Who, Me”? mentality.
DO give thought to what Moliere (French playwright, actor, poet, writer) says:

It is not only what we do,
but also what we do not do,
for which we are accountable

Accountability breeds response-ability.
–Stephen Covey