Go out and lead the world; but never forget to begin by leading yourself . . .
–Israelmore Ayivor

In the early 2000’s we started having discussions and giving speeches about “FLY “- First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Others”. It turns out that we were not alone in this concept so we’ll share what it means to us.


  • As leaders we must first understand essential  leadership behaviors and apply them in our daily interactions
  • Once we possess those skills we can begin to effectively lead others
  • We need to commit to continually hone and further develop our skills
  • Leadership is a process, not an event!

We also believe the most impactful leaders possess the following behaviors:

  1. They work on self-awareness and learn how to best engage others
  2. They understand and leverage their “Magic Dust” and the passion and skills of others
  3. Their Vision, Mission, Goals and Measures have been communicated and are fully supported by their behaviors (VMGM=B)
  4. They communicate with others in the preferred style of the message receiver
  5. They have clearly defined roles, responsibilities, and desired results     
  6. They not only hold themselves accountable, they encourage others to do the same
  7. They honor & embrace conflict as it can spark innovation and inspiration
  8. They influence others through their interactions and behaviors
  9. They build and nurture authentic, lasting relationships
  10. They provide timely and meaningful feedback, and regularly solicit feedback so they can continue to grow
  11. They make others feel valued and inspire others to learn more and do more 
  12. They support career growth

Do you FLY? If yes, do you feel equipped to lead others and help them lead themselves?

If you can lead yourself when nobody is following,
people will follow when you are not leading.
— Saji Ijiyemi