High expectations are the key to everything.
–Sam Walton

Success Magazine – In January they published an article about making 2021 the year you want it to be. If asked, could you respond? Do you have expectations and plans at least drafted to support achieving what you want?

Here are 10 suggestions to help.

In times of uncertainty, show up.
You have to be a visible, in the trenches leader. Not necessarily “in person”, but make yourself available to others to bring them on board and obtain their commitment.

Ask for help to reach your goals.
Utilize the resources and mentors available to help you reach your goals.

Learn what motivates you.
What excites you? When do you accomplish the most? Remember and leverage it!

Don’t let chaos cloud your mindset.
Today’s chaos will be tomorrow’s memory; don’t let ill moments cloud your judgment.

Confront disruption by adapting.
Acknowledge the challenges being experienced without losing focus.

Align your work to your purpose.
Ask yourself if your work is aligned to your purpose. Adjust accordingly.

Set priorities and start at the top.
Setting priorities is vital for success. Rank the items that must get done each day or week.

Take care of yourself to stay healthy.
Taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of others.

Remember, you can control your attitude.
Self-assessment is a crucial part of success. Know that your attitude and response is all you can control; journaling helps.

Set a tangible goal to get the result you want.
Identify the results you want this year, determine supporting goals and make it real.

We continue to be impacted by covid-19 and adapting to new rules and norms that are out of our control; what we can do is think and plan for what we want from 2021. Don’t wait!

Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations
in advance of the event.
–Brian Tracy