Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past.
Let it go, for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.
—Brooks Atkinson

What a year. December is upon us and as we wrap up 2020, it’s not quite yet time to “let it go” as the above quote suggests. There’s one month left with time allowing us the possibility to achieve more goals, to ensure all accomplishments have been celebrated, and that 2021 planning has been initiated.

With reduced resources due to holiday and vacation time, what are your priorities?

Ask yourself:
1.What’s the number one goal/task I’d like to see completed before year end?

2.Have all major 2020 accomplishments been recognized and rewarded?

3.How are staffing/resource levels? Does anything need to be done prior to 1/1/2021?

4.Are there any major goal/vision/mission changes for 2021?

5.Do budgets include “people skill” development? Should they?

6.What was the #1 obstacle encountered in 2020 and can anything be done to remove barriers?

7.Do any new skills or behaviors need to be strengthened?

8.What about roles and responsibilities – could changes be beneficial?

9.Are relationships in place to discuss and address shared 2021 goals?

Ask your colleagues and direct reports to answer these same questions – ideally you’ll be on the same page to graciously “let go” of 2020 and be ready for 2021.

Life gives us a flair of awareness in the breeze of our daily journey and offers a free reign to explore what we are, to experience what we are not and to find out what we may become . . 
― Erik Pevernagie