What’s the biggest difference between those who succeed and those who don’t? Mindset.
–Karima Mariama-Arthur

To say that 2020 has been an interesting year is an under-statement. We‘ve all experienced change, and for some, challenges. How successful have you been at maintaining a positive mindset? Have you been able to achieve what you desire? Has your ability to stay on track and assess your progress been successful, or have you encountered (or created) barriers? As the quote at the top of the page says,  our mind-set creates the biggest difference.

6 Essential Mindset Principles that will help (excerpts from Julian Hayes)

1. Keep your word to yourself.
This builds self-respect and a positive identity. Successful people understand that every time you break the promises you make to yourself, you feed your identity as an impostor and weaken your self-confidence as a person of action.

2. Use envy to your advantage.
Successful people understand that beneath the layers of envy lies a core need they desire. Ask yourself why you feel envy. Once you know the root cause, you can address ways to gain the things you want, like time and freedom, right now while building your dream.

3. Have no self-pity.
One of the big differentiators between those who stay the course along the journey of personal growth compared to those who get off track lies within the ability to rebound quickly from setbacks. Successful people understand that wallowing and making excuses for themselves only zaps their personal power. When you blame external circumstances, you’re effectively giving your personal power away.

4. Understand that ‘failure’ is feedback.
Failure is about perspective; there is no such thing unless you deem it that. Successful people understand that failure is an illusion created inside their minds, and they perform mental alchemy to construct an empowering reality instead.

5. Operate with an investor’s mentality.
Like investments, your personal journey will experience its peaks and valleys. Successful people understand that emotions and outcomes rise and fall along the way. The key is to stay the course and view the journey as a marathon, not a sprint. Operate with an investor’s mentality and delay gratification today for something great tomorrow.

6. Fixate on the vision but be flexible on the details.
Think of your goals as the destination and the various actions, habits, and strategies as your vehicles. Numerous potential vehicles can help you arrive at your desired destination; the key lies in finding the right ones uniquely suited to you. Successful people are stubborn with what they want, but they understand that arriving at the end destination will involve detours and unexpected side roads to explore.

Have you successfully mastered your mind-set? Do you need to look at things from a different perspective? Be aware that “gremlins” sometime get in the way; when you’re prepared for possible barriers or obstacles, you’re better positioned to overcome them.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.
– Napoleon Hill