If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.
–George S. Patton

As leaders we make decisions every day that are critical to the success of our work culture. Why not have a course of action that aligns with your overall workplace strategy?

Here’s a 7 Step Process outlined by the Harvard Business Press:

1.   See the big picture
2.   Articulate Strategic Objectives- Smart Goals
3.   Identify Relationships, Patterns and Trends
4.   Get Creative
5.   Analyze Information
6.   Prioritize Your Actions
7.   Make Trade-Offs

What’s your Big Picture? Where do you want to take your organization in the next 3-5 years? Link and support this vision by including the following key processes:

Hiring – What’s required to strengthen the workplace? (Skill-set as well as leadership and collaborative behaviors).

Training and Development – Is any up-skilling required? What about Technical or Leadership bench-strength?

Rewards – Do you consistently appreciate and recognize when value has been added?

Communication – Has the Vision been shared? Are meaningful updates provided?

Change/Conflict – Decisions are costly and can help or hurt the bottom line; don’t disregard differing opinions and immediately address opposing actions.

The intent is to have your team align and collaborate for the attainment of desired results. Success occurs when all colleagues understand how the processes and critical behaviors align with the strategy.

How does your workplace and leadership team support Strategic Thinking?

Strategic thinking rarely occurs spontaneously.
—Michael Porter