Extraverts are comfortable thinking as they speak. Introverts prefer slow-paced interactions that allow room for thought. Brainstorming does not work for them. Email does.
—Laurie Helgoe

It’s probably no surprise that our work mode preference is impacted by our personality. Some of us enjoy structured and group work environments while others prefer a quieter and perhaps even isolated environment.

The Myers-Briggs Company has a tool: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) that assesses preferences and breaks them into 16 categories. Are you familiar with MBTI and do you know your type?  What about the types for your colleagues/direct reports?

You may ask why this matters. Currently there’s the need for so many to work from home, with “essential workers” mandated to continue to go to work; both may have their “happy factor” impacted.

We won’t go into the 16 types, but based on some high-level feedback, there are pluses, and there are negatives. Sample feedback includes:

  • I am more productive
  • I miss being able to talk to people informally
  • I am less stressed
  • I enjoy the solitude
  • I am more engaged with my work
  • I feel lonely
  • I am better organized
  • I take more breaks from work
  • I am frustrated by slow communication from co-workers
  • I feel isolated
  • I am not aware of what is happening in my organization
  • I can be easily reached by co-workers
  • I can easily reach my co-workers
  • I have job security

Do you know your team members well enough to know which comment(s) they agree or disagree with? What about knowing who needs help with:

  • Staying organized
  • Respecting deadlines
  • Celebrating tasks, goals, or accomplishments
  • Pre and post deliverable check-ins
  • General communication

As a leader awareness is key, and we encourage you to understand and adapt to the differing styles and preferences of those you work with, and for.

Introverts like being introverts. We are drawn to ideas, we are passionate observers, and for us, solitude is rich and generative. — Laurie Helgoe