Challenge Yourself, and Your Team!

Challenge yourself!  Below are our 12 “Courageability” factors that impact leadership success:

  • Live and work with passion
  • Document and share your goals
  • Commit to addressing and tracking your goals
  • Understand and leverage your strengths and the strengths of others
  • Communicate with confidence and clarity
  • Manage conflict and understand how it can be inspirational
  • Develop others
  • Effectively delegate
  • Enrich your skill-set
  • Remain controlled
  • Reward and recognize others with regularity
  • Learn to succeed from your failuresWhich 3 do you find most challenging? Make development plans now to address growth areas.

    If you want to lead more effectively, shorten the distance between the future and present. Inspiring innovation and leading change call for more than process– they require the adoption of a cultural mindset.
    Mike Myatt Forbes – March 7,2013