The Number One problem in organizations today is not a “lack of leadership.”
It is untrained people managers.-John G. Miller

We have shared that “Leaders want their organization to LEARN, so it can GROW, Enabling a TRANSFORMATION, Resulting in stronger RESULTS”.  Having said that, is it limited to “leaders” or does it also apply to “managers”?  It does indeed apply to both!

Our intent was never to diminish the skills and values managers provide; as a result, we wanted to share John G. Miller’s findings:

When people describe their boss as a “leader” and are asked to articulate specifically what that person does to “lead”—this is what we hear:

My boss communicated what I should do

     She followed up with me consistently.

     When I got it right, he praised me.

     She told me when I was off track.

     He talked to me—and listened.

     I was trained and coached.

     She spent time with me.

He showed me respect.

Guess what? Every item above is a people management
    skill. It’s what effective managers do, day in and day out,
    with and for their people.

Bottom line, we agree that effective managers ARE leaders!

Are you a manager of people? Then this is what you and all “aspiring leaders” need to know: Effective people management is leadership.
–John G. Miller