Keeping people fired up starts with having a really clear vision for what the company is aiming to do. –Nick Woodman

We’ve shared that CLARITY starts with YOU.  Now we’ll add to that – in order for there to be organizational success, a clear vision must exist.

Many of you are familiar with PeopleTek’s VMGM=B equation. For those that are not, it means that our vision, mission, goals and measures are to be 100% supported by our behaviors.

We define Vision as:
A dream or aspiration that provides direction and guides us to a place far away. It may be unattainable, but we are able to focus our attention and make strides for ideally getting there.

The idea is for the vision to be clearly defined, easily understood, with supporting actions made a priority. And, the entire organization (all levels; all positions) must be engaged.

That’s where things sometimes get derailed – how can each person and every role support it? That’s where leadership comes in.

As leaders:

  • We need to simplify the vision and make the connections for our staff/teams
  • We need to regularly restate the vision and associated goals and behaviors that will make the vision come alive
  • We need to explain the “why” and obtain buy-in for the “how”
  • We can also ask our team members their thoughts about making the vision feel real and meaningful to them
  • We need to reward the behaviors that support our vision
  • We need to track and share any team successes and accomplishments that support the vision (and celebrate them!)Clarity is required for us to have a work culture that includes innovation, decision making, collaboration, and ultimately success.How would you rate CLARITY in your work culture? What would you like to see change?

When there’s a clear vision, and you’ve got the creative teams working toward that goal, each on their own, it can then come together quite elegantly at the endpoint.—Greg Rucka

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