Awareness is the ability to perceive, to feel, or to be conscious of events, objects, thoughts, emotions, or sensory patterns . . . it is the state or quality of being aware of something.—Wikipedia

What plans do you have to kick off the New Year? Having defined goals and objectives is always highly recommended, but we suggest that in addition to having clear and communicated goals, you commit to amplifying your awareness levels.

Highly successful leaders are not only aware of their own styles, skills and gaps, they are also in-tune with the styles, skills, gaps, and professional desires of those they lead and interact with.

Additionally, they are keenly aware of their work culture. Why is this important?  The group culture impacts behaviors, attitudes, satisfaction levels, and the comfort of the environment, all which impact the ability to obtain results.

Things to ponder:

  • Every work culture has differing styles – are they all appreciated?
  • Is there tension or cohesion within the group?
  • Does the leader (perhaps you) recognize the style differences and address conflict if it exists?
  • Is the reason for the work/tasks/goals understood and supported?
  • What does the team value most?
  • Does there seem to be negativity in the break room?
  • Do people speak up or have they gone quiet?

Per Wiley’s Everything DiSC assessments, there are 8 components that uniquely define us as individuals, which then defines the style and culture of our team. The styles are measured by how we “live”:

  1. Challenges
  2. Results
  3. Actions
  4. Enthusiasm
  5. Collaboration
  6. Support
  7. Stability
  8. Accuracy

Note: How these components are distributed across the team will impact the overall culture.

How aware are you? Understanding group behaviors, fears, emotions, preferences, priorities and needs positions leaders and teams to be highly motivated and successful; don’t neglect awareness levels!

Every human has four endowments – self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change. –Stephen Covey