President Bush solidified his legacy of principled, pragmatic, and compassionate leadership.
— Gov. Larry Hogan

The world has lost a great leader. U.S. Republicans, Democrats, Independents and even those with no party affiliation, as well as foreign leaders, expressed their condolences with the passing of George H.W. Bush.  He is mourned and his accomplishments celebrated.

A simple summary of his life was that he was dedicated to a lifetime of public service and a desire to make the world a better place.

Here’s why many claim President Bush (41) was the most accomplished U.S. President:

  • A World War II veteran and Navy pilot
  • Two-term congressman
  • Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Ambassador to the United Nations
  • Vice President of the United States
  • 41st president of the United States
  • Father to the 43rd U.S. President
  • Helped end the Cold War
  • Instrumental in German unification
  • A lifetime Public Servant

Below are comments from both Domestic and International Leaders:

  • A true patriot and statesman who embodied decency and selfless service
  • A man of the highest character
  • His legacy of public service may never be matched, even though he’d want all of us to try
  • Sound judgment, common sense, and unflappable leadership
  • Through all that he accomplished, he remained humble
  • He loved his country and lived a life of courageous service
  • You did not have to agree with President George H.W. Bush to respect him
  • He served our country with dignity, integrity, and a commitment to American values
  • His administration was marked by grace, civility, and social conscience
  • He showed political wisdom and foresight, sought to make informed decisions even in the most difficult situations

There is no better summary than what son Neil Bush shared: This is the end of an amazing life.  And from the U.S. Navy: Fair winds and following seas, Sir. We have the watch.

May he Rest In Peace.

George H.W. Bush’s lifetime of service and decades of dedication to honor and duty leave an indelible mark on our nation and on our hearts.– Gov. Larry Hogan