Coaching Is The Universal Language of Change and Learning.–CNN

Why is Career Coaching gaining in popularity? Generally speaking, the value of coaching is now being realized.

20 some years ago, companies most often utilized a coach to help manage/address toxic behaviors. That still exists, but more commonly today, career coaching engagements occur so high-potential performers become high performers as well as more influential, inspiring, and impactful leaders.

Joy McGovern, Ph.D shares:

  • Career coaching translates into doing
  • Doing translates into impacting the business
  • This impact can be quantified and maximized

Coaches frequently help their clients with leadership/management skills and behaviors, and with enhancing communication styles. The coaching engagement includes having a clear purpose, exploring improvement opportunities, agreements for action, and a commitment for change.

The coach validates perceived strengths, and will likely discuss behaviors that may be under-used or over-used. They listen, they inquire without passing judgment, and they increase awareness levels.

The coach/client engagement also includes exploring possibilities. The coach provides guidance for moving forward, they are a sounding board, and they remind the client of their purpose and commitments.

The value and benefits of coaching have been reported as:

Organizational Strength
Fewer customer complaints

Improved Relationships (with direct report reports, senior leaders, peers)
Improved Teamwork
Reduced Conflict
Increased Organizational Commitment

In summary:
Career Coaching=Career Development=Organizational Bench-Strength=Greater Results

A willing executive/leader is someone who enters into coaching voluntarily, with enthusiasm and the desire to examine their gaps as well as their assets. This implies that willing executives/leaders are those who are open to self-discovery and personal growth, and who want to be coached; otherwise, coaching is a dead-end street.—Christine Turner


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