What happens culturally throughout an organization is linked to what happens with learning and career development and vice-versa.
— Sian Musial, an L&D specialist

How engaged are you with career development, both for yourself and for your staff/colleagues?

Studies have shown that workplace learning is a proven way to ensure that employees keep their skills current while contributing to the growth of the company (it also reduces attrition and improves satisfaction levels).

Based on current studies, the top 4 training and development priorities are:

  • 25% – Leadership and Management Development
  • 12% – Communication Skills
  • 9% – Customer Service
  • 7% – Information Technology

Given that we all have different skill-sets, styles, and preferences, it’s no surprise that the top 3 development priorities are related to “people”.

Times have changed; leadership has assumed many roles formerly done by HR and Talent Management groups. It’s often up to the leader to maximize and recognize each employees’ contribution, to inspire engagement, drive performance, identify growth areas, and facilitate career planning.

KEY TAKEAWAYS From the U.S. L&D Benchmarking Survey: 2018 –Abby Guthrie, Emily Simpson, Shane Adams

Companies who support their staff with quality learning and development are twice as likely to keep employees three years and more likely to report employees are engaged.

Top-performing organizations are five times more likely to have learning cultures, suggesting that a culture of learning is a key component of business success.

90% of companies with strong learning cultures said senior executives were actively engaged in L&D initiatives.

Effective leadership includes fostering a culture of learning, collaboration, and inclusion. Take the time to evaluate what’s working well and what is not, and learn from failures as well as successes.

Would you rate learning in your workplace poor, strong, or in-between?  What can you do to strengthen it?

Developing leaders in the organization is top-of-mind for L&D professionals in 2018.