Chief Leadership Officers (CLOs) authentically embrace the business of business and people, not as “human resources” but as human beings – the crucial contributors to organizational success.—Kevin W. McCarthy

Are you familiar with the role of CLO? Kevin W. McCarthy wrote a book entitled CHIEF LEADERSHIP OFFICER. Mr. McCarthy feels that new and challenging times call for new leadership roles that include:

  • Position the organization to be a leader in its chosen field
  • Position each person to be leaders on and off their jobs
  • Meaningfully integrate the two above so everyone profits (financial gain is just one aspect of profit)

Mr. McCarthy explains that the role of CLO is a way of life and also a manner of doing business “where purpose, people, and performance are increasing wealth so everyone profits”.

A Chief Leadership Officer® Integrity Map is provided in the book and is comprised of Articulation, Synthesis, Development, Performance and Re-think. You start with “on purpose” statements that support your purpose, vision, mission and values. (We think this aligns well with PeopleTek’s concept that ALL behaviors must support your Vision, Mission, Goals and Measures).

A CLO checklist is also provided and is divided into 3 categories that help with the transition of the CEO leadership mentality to that of CLO:

Personal Leadership Development – There are 8 components; one is: I have written my personal 2-word Purpose, Vision(s), Missions, and Values (PVMV)

Professional Leadership Development – There are 7 components; one is: I have one or more trusted team member(s) with complementary talents for collaborative efforts

Business Leadership Development – There are 17 components; one is: Our Service Model™ links our PVMV, Plan, People, Processes, and Performance to serve our Customer Chains within our Values

A CLO “has a heart for service, a head for profit, the resilience of the military, and a moral imperative”. Are you ready to be a new kind of leader?