Even if you’re not a business leader, you can still take an active part
in a cultural transformation.– FORTUNE March 2018

Would you say that you are part of a “happy workplace?  If yes, what’s your rationale, and if no, what are the dissatisfiers?

This week FORTUNE magazine featured an article by company GREAT PLACE TO WORK where they summarized survey results for identifying the “100 Best Companies To Work For/2018”. Millions of employees in more than 50 countries were surveyed to obtain perspectives about what makes an exemplary workplace.

The six components within the survey included: Values, Innovation, Financial Growth, Leadership Effectiveness, Maximizing Human Potential, and Trust. Bottom line, it’s all about how the workplace culture creates growth and excellence, and the metrics now include ratings for all levels and positions, or in their words “for all”.

We won’t list all the companies, but SalesForce scored first place. The primary reason? Their corporate culture. (Having a favorable work culture was the most common factor in the 100 Best Companies” list.

Some other commonalities across companies included:

  • Create a culture that can withstand conflict and varying views (even encourage it!)
  • Create a culture of transparency
  • Create a culture that is “open, friendly, diverse, and team oriented”
  • Support your employees (at work and in their personal life)
  • Ensure work/life balance is more than just a motto
  • Remain neutral politically (regardless of your feelings)
  • Invest in your people
  • Truly embrace diversityBuild trusting relationships between employees and management
  • “Every voice matters” – engage employees of all levels
  • Thank, appreciate, and reward successes
  • Have clearly defined and unifying goals
  • Offer flexible work hours
  • Possess a desire to see others succeed
  • Ensure your leadership team is caring, approachable, and inspiring

One final point of interest in the article was that “trust fuels business performance but inclusiveness or “for all” accelerates it. Organizations that scored high on measures of inclusivity grew revenue three times as fast as rivals”.

What are you doing to make your teams/staff feel included?


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