Leadership is not about executive position or title. It is about connection and influence. At its highest, leadership is all about adding value to the world and blessing lives through the work you do.—Robin Sharma

Magic Dust.  What does that mean to you?  If you’ve been through PeopleTek’s Leadership Journey program you know that magic dust encompasses:

  • What you’re good at
  • Your unique skills and abilities
  • Qualities that make you more impactful
  • How and where you add the most value

Ideally we are provided opportunities to leverage our special skills and abilities at work, allowing us to add the most value, to find our work fulfilling, and best yet, feel inspired and invigorated!

Each of us in general are pretty good at assessing and scrutinizing what we don’t like doing. We know what we are not good at, but we’re not always clear on what makes us have a great day, or provides us with a sense of accomplishment and generally feeling good.

How would you define a good work day? Does it include leading others or contributing to their success?

This is part of being a leader. Leadership can be formal (ex. direct reports, matrix management, project manager, mentorships, etc), or it could be informal, where your skills lend themselves to you taking “charge”. It can also be related to your ability to build relationships, achieve common goals and objectives, sharing your technical savvy, or simply that you are respected, appreciated, and looked up to.

What leadership qualities do you bring to your team or organization? Are you able to integrate your gifts/strengths both in your career and in your personal life?  It’s great when your ambition and talents serve you rather than enslave you!

This may sound funny, but we have worked with leaders that excel at what they do, are acknowledged and rewarded for their accomplishments, but they quite simply don’t LIKE what they’re doing.

Hopefully that does not apply to you! Knowing and using your magic dust will energize you, and sharing it with others will add to your sense of purpose.

Where do you feel you add the most value?


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