Leadership has challenges, and it becomes even more challenging when leading from afar.

Leadership has taken on new challenges with the need to lead not only those that are in the same location, but to also be effective across time zones, understand cultural differences, and keep telecommuters engaged and productive. 

Per GlobalWorkplaceAnalystics/2017:

  • Regular telecommuting grew 115% in the past decade
  • 70% of employers offer flexible workplace options
  • 50% of the US workforce holds a job with at least partial telework

What does this mean to you as a leader?     

As a leader, regardless of where your staff is located, make certain that common goals are clearly understood, encourage your team to value one another’s strengths, and provide one another other with healthy, timely feedback.

Leading remotely also means you need to be an even more skilled communicator.

  • Don’t communicate just the bare minimum.
  • Share what is expected of each individual and each location.
  • Ensure all interactions end with closure.
  • Check in regularly with each employee.
  • Revisit the team goals and objectives; use “here’s where we are” statements, ask questions, and invite everyone to share their opinion and thoughts about the progress that is being made.
  • Ask your direct reports what they’d like to hear about and ask for their feedback as to whether you are keeping them adequately informed.
  • Support and “sell” your team! Keep your boss and other leaders informed of your teams’ accomplishments and successes!
  • Look for opportunities for the team to meet face-to-face

It takes effort for remote team members to feel as much a part of your team as those that work onsite but the tips above will help.  Do you have other tips that you can share?


We like to give people the freedom to work where they want, safe in the knowledge that they have the drive and expertise to perform excellently, whether they at their desk or in their kitchen. Yours truly has never worked out of an office, and never will — Richard Branson