True team members put aside their individual needs for the good of the team.

Many of you are familiar with Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team. In it, he defines teamwork as:

The state achieved by a group of people working together who trust one another, engage in healthy conflict, commit to decisions, hold one another accountable, and focus on collective results.   

What you may not be familiar with is that there is now an assessment that provides teams with critical information about how they can become stronger in the following areas:

  1. Trusting Team Members
  2. Engaging In Healthy Conflict
  3. Committing To Decisions
  4. Being Accountable and Holding Others Accountable
  5. Focusing On Collective Results

TRUST – A team needs to be comfortable with being vulnerable with each other about their weaknesses, mistakes, fears and behaviors.

CONFLICT – A team needs to share their passions and disagree, challenge and question one another in a healthy manner.

COMMITMENT –   A team buys into important decisions (even if they initially disagree) once all ideas and opinions have been considered.

ACCOUNTABILITY –  A team does not rely on their leader to be the primary source of accountability but rather deals with their peers direct.

RESULTS –   Teams that trust one another, engage in conflict, commit to decisions and hold one another accountable are more likely to put aside their individual needs and focus on what is best for the team as a whole.

How cohesive and collaborative is your team?  Are they willing to place the good of the team before their own individual needs?

We’ll help you learn how!


The most important challenge of building a team where people hold one another accountable is overcoming the understandable hesitance of human beings to give one another critical feedback.—Patrick Lencioni