What sets successful people apart from everyone else?

PeopleTek’s strategic partner, E-Coach Associates, has produced a series of videos that provide strategies for making us perform at our best.

The first video begins with “Average Is Over”.  Indeed it is. Competition in the workplace is stronger than ever so it’s up to us to understand how we can contribute more and become more successful.

It’s no surprise that it starts with us. We need to be continual learners and we need to consistently build our awareness levels (of ourselves and of others).

Other key points include:

  • Be easy to work with (being competent is a given)
  • Understand the other persons point of view
  • Learn the biases of others (ex. Frustrations, disappointments, etc)
  • Ask others to share THEIR experiences
  • Watch and listen for behavioral preferences (adapt accordingly)
  • Have clear expectations (what do you expect of others/what do they expect of you?)

Don’t be afraid to ask what the #1 expectation is from others (especially your boss!). Don’t assume as you may be surprised!

Have you and your boss ever been “out of alignment” regarding expectations? Let us know how you got back on track.


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