Confidence is the stuff that turns thoughts into actions. —Richard Petty, OSU Professor

When it comes to confidence, gender matters. Regardless of qualifications and accomplishments, studies show that men are almost always more confident than women, even when women are more talented.

Why?  Again, many studies have been conducted, but the common theme is that women are more likely to be perfectionists, and if things don’t go 100% as planned, they view it as a failure. Think about that. We think everyone plans for 100% success, but is that reality?

Success can require persistence, a behavior we frequently talk about. We define it as “The quality of continuing steadily despite problems or difficulties”. That’s reality! We need to learn from our set-backs, we need to assess what went well and what did not, we need to determine what could be done differently, and we need to pay attention to what we’re feeling and hearing.

Confidence is a “must have” for leaders! Without it we won’t be as willing to share our ideas or propose alternative solutions.And, confidence has been found to inspire and motivate others more so than intelligence and competence.

Regardless of gender, we all have “gremlins” (author Rick Carson defines them as “self- defeating behaviors and beliefs).

So what can we do? First of all, become aware. What gnaws at you? What creates a pit in your stomach? What prevents you from taking action? Peter Barron Stark shares that confidence improves when you:

Are happy: Feel positive about your ability to lead people and deal with daily challenges.

Have better relationships: Enter into positive, productive relationships.

Are motivated and ambitious: Set goals and commit to accomplishing them.

Laugh more: Find humor even in challenging situations, and put things into perspective.

Are open to risks: Forge into the unknown and learn from your mistakes.

Recognize success: Look for opportunities to genuinely recognize the success of others, and accept and be receptive to compliments.

Accept feedback: Welcome feedback from others and put their ideas into action.

Think for yourself: Live your core values . . . ensure your words and actions are aligned and consistent.

How’s your confidence level?  Do you turn your thoughts into actions?
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