As we set our targets for 2017, it’s a good time for an assessment. Last week we shared a checklist to help you gain momentum, and now we suggest completing an assessment from an individual perspective, as well as for that of your organization.

It’s nothing fancy or new, but it helps with clarity and increases awareness. Take some time and reflect on:

  • What worked well in 2016?
  • What “misses” did you have in 2016? Why?
  • What changes were made in 2016?
  • What changes are required for 2017?
  • What behaviors helped individuals and organizations thrive?
  • What behaviors hindered achieving goals and creating stronger relationships?
  • What do you think your skill-set (from a people perspective) is strongest?
  • What areas require development? We’ve created a COMPASS; we recommend incorporating these key points into your assessment:

C     Clarity and Communication

O     Optimize Differences

M     Manage Change

P     Plan, Persist, Organize

A     Appropriately Handle Conflict

S     Sustain and Enhance Relationships

S     Skillfully Influence Others

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