Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.
-Jim Rohn, Author, motivational speaker

Leadership. Many of you have heard this before, but we define leadership as:
Taking others where they’ve never gone before and wouldn’t go by themselves.

We believe everyone is a leader, regardless of title or reporting structure since we all have the ability to INFLUENCE others. And, we also believe effective leaders are continual learners.

In order to be a strong leader, Mr. Rohn feels there must be a commitment for self- development and identifies 7 “must have” leadership traits:

  1. Learn to be strong but not impolite
  2. Learn to be kind but not weak
  3. Learn to be bold but not a bully
  4. Learn to be humble but not timid
  5. Learn to be proud but not arrogant
  6. Learn to develop humor without folly
  7. Learn to deal in realities

What were your thoughts when you read through the list? How many have you mastered? Which could you further develop?

Did any names come to mind (co-workers / bosses) where you thought these traits were either consistently displayed or severely lacking?

Pick two areas for development:
A strength you already have (how can it be further developed?)
An “opportunity” (which from the list left you feeling uneasy?)

Add them to your development plan, make a commitment, and check your progress monthly. Let us know how you’re doing!

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