Last week we shared 5 critical team behaviors that Patrick Lencioni published in The Five Dysfunctions Of a Team. In it he shared that the absence of TRUST, the fear of CONFLICT, the lack of COMMITMENT, an avoidance of ACCOUNTABILITY, and the inattention to RESULTS must be addressed and overcome in order for teams to succeed.

But, It’s Not Just About Team Skills. Larry Page, one of Google’s founders and the current CEO of Google’s parent company, Alphabet, Inc adds more about what makes a team successful: good managers.

Managers matter a lot and can have a huge impact on employee performance. Support your people by sharing what makes a great manager, providing development opportunities, celebrating great managers, and more.

Page initially felt that managers added a layer of bureaucracy to organizations and as a result eliminated many manager positions, only to learn that good managers are the key for happy and productive teams.

He validated this through research from staff surveys and performance reviews and found eight common characteristics shared by great managers:

  1. They are good coaches.
  2. They empower their team and do not micro-manage.
  3. They express interest/concern in each team member’s success and personal well-being.
  4. They are productive and results oriented.
  5. They are good communicators.
  6. They help with career development.
  7. They have a clear vision/strategy for the team.
  8. They have important technical skills that provide the team with advise.

Google executives now admit good managers are key for obtaining results and help their managers strengthen their skills in the categories listed above.

Are you aligned with the categories and do you help your team strengthen their skills?

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