This week we conclude the Leadership style quiz which focuses on “Lead From The Inside Out”. The first part was about self-discovery and was called “Lead Yourself“, and the 2nd part was about “Lead Others“

Writer/author John Addison from Success Magazine published this quiz which is broken down into 3 parts: 1) Lead Yourself 2) Lead Others 3) Lead From The Inside Out

As we stated before, First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Others is a topic PeopleTek has been sharing for years, and one of the reasons we found the quiz especially interesting. To be a highly effective leader you must first increase your “self” awareness levels, which positions you to better understand and relate to the styles of others, making you a more effective leader.

This brings us to Lead From The Inside Out. Mr. Addison stresses that leaders must have focus, and they must also practice and hone their leadership skills daily in order to be the type of leader they desire to be. This takes courage and commitment.

Quiz – Part 3 – Lead From the Inside Out

How do you earn your position?

A. I usually work alongside people so they will look to me as a leader later.
B. I have regular meetings to help people understand what’s expected of them, and I try to keep a positive attitude.
C. I do my best to lead by example, but my title is a big part of why people follow me.
D. I find that people follow me mainly because they like me and know I’m on their side.

How well do you focus on things within your control?

A. I focus on the next step in any process, and I show my team how to do this by example.
B. I focus on both the big picture and the process, but sometimes I become too worried.
C. I have no problem focusing on what I can control, but I have trouble getting others to do the same.
D. I communicate daily with people so they know exactly what I expect of them and can focus on their next step.

How do you deal with fear in yourself and others?

A. I believe hard work is the antidote to fear because if you keep moving, the fear can’t catch you.
B. I try to be available for my team members when they need to discuss their fears or concerns.
C. I don’t allow fear to stand in the way of my goals, and I tell my team to do the same.
D. I discuss my fears with my team members so they can relate to me as a human being.

Mr. Addison explains that there are 4 leadership styles:

A. The Hands-On Leader
B. The Developing Leader
C. The Lone Wolf Leader
D. The Inspirational Leader

If your answers were mostly “A”, you’re likely a Hands On Leader.

If your answers were mostly “B”, you’re likely a Developing Leader, etc.

Here’s an excerpt of Addison’s style definitions:

The Hands-On Leader

  • Humble, hard-working, willing to be a member of the team

The Developing Leader

  • Genuinely concerned for others, a willingness to learn

The Lone Wolf Leader

  • Great delegator, strategist, visionary; may struggle with people skills

The Inspirational Leader

  • A good communicator, make people feel good, create a friendly culture

*Note: The complete style definitions may be found in Success – April 2016.

Your style is likely a blend of the definitions, but does one stand out more so than the others? When you read the definitions, was there one you related to more strongly than the others?

Leadership is situational. It’s important that you as a leader adapt your style to meet the needs of your team and inspire them to help drive individual and organizational growth.

Leadership development never stops – commit to being a continual learner!


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