Last week we featured part 1 of a quiz that helps with the discovery of your leadership style. It was called “Lead Yourself.” This week the quiz topic is “Lead Others.”

Writer/author John Addison from Success Magazine published this quiz which is broken down into 3 parts: Lead Yourself, Lead Others, Lead From The Inside Out.

First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Others

This is a topic PeopleTek has been sharing for years, and one of the reasons we found the quiz especially interesting. To be a highly effective leader you must first increase your “self” awareness levels, which positions you to better understand and relate to the styles of others. This brings us to how you Lead Others.

Quiz – Part 2– Lead Others

How do you shine your light on others?

  1. I work every job in our company, so I’m sure to understand what people need and want.
  2. I try to let people know I appreciate their hard work, and I hand out yearly awards.
  3. I give people the autonomy and trust they need to do their jobs without micro-managing, which gives them a sense of ownership and pride.
  4. I spend time daily talking with my team one on one, and I give out a lot of praise around the office.

How do you build new leaders?

  1. As I work on projects with people, I help develop their unique skills and talents.
  2. I talk to people about their goals regularly and help them make a plan of action.
  3. I entrust people with their own teams, so they can learn leadership skills firsthand.
  4. I point out people’s unique strengths and build their self-confidence by giving them challenges I know they can meet.

During a difficult time, how do people know they can count on you?

  1. I don’t go home until everyone goes home.
  2. I ask for help and do the best I can with the resources at hand.
  3. I work on top-level needs and trust that others take care of their responsibilities.
  4. I communicate with everyone regularly, so they know where we stand and how they can help.

Mr. Addison explains that there are 4 leadership styles:

  1. The Hands-On Leader
  2. The Developing Leader
  3. The Lone Wolf Leader
  4. The Inspirational Leader

If your answers were mostly “1”, you’re likely a Hands On Leader.
If your answers were mostly “2”, you’re likely a Developing Leader.
If your answers were mostly “3”, you’re likely a Lone Wolf Leader.
If your answers were mostly “4”, you’re likely an Inspirational Leader.

Here’s an excerpt of Addison’s style definitions:

  1. The Hands-On Leader – Humble, hard-working, willing to be a member of the team
  2. The Developing Leader – Genuinely concerned for others, a willingness to learn
  3. The Lone Wolf Leader – Great delegator, strategist, visionary; may struggle with people skills
  4. The Inspirational Leader – A good communicator, makes people feel good, creates a friendly culture

*Note: The complete style definitions may be found in Success Magazine – April 2016.

How did your style compare to last week’s? Are you an A, B, C, or D leader? As a reminder, we’re likely to use all styles, but we generally have a preference. All styles have strengths, and when over-used, or used when another style could obtain better results, can become a weakness. Stay tuned for part 3 next week!

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