First Lead Yourself, Then Lead Others

This something we’ve been sharing for years. To be a highly effective leader you need to increase your awareness levels by:

  • Fully understanding your styles, preferences, and behaviors
  • Developing the skills required positioning you to utilize alternative styles that would better fit the situation/person

Writer/author John Addison from Success Magazine published a leadership quiz that is broken into 3 parts: Lead Yourself, Lead Others, Lead From The Inside Out. Because of the categories, it obviously caught our eye and we wanted to share it.

Part 1 – Lead Yourself

How do your values impact your work?

  1. I’m too busy working to sit around thinking about my values
  2. I try to stick to my values but I find myself backing down occasionally to avoid conflict or get ahead professionally
  3. I’m contradicting my values regularly, but I believe the rewards are worth it
  4. I rarely, if ever, do something I feel contradicts my values. I’d rather risk losing my career than be someone I’m not

What are some of your main strengths?

  1. I’m a team player with a strong work ethic and a willingness to go the extra mile
  2. I’m skilled in my industry, willing to learn and open to new ideas
  3. I’m a driven person with the ability to work alone and solve problems quickly
  4. I’m a friendly person who is creative and compassionate    

What part of your work motivates you?

  1. I get great satisfaction from working shoulder to shoulder with my team and meeting a goal together
  2. My motivation seems to shift depending on what I’m working on and whom I’m working with
  3. I want to fulfill my leadership potential and move up in my field as quickly as possible
  4. I feel it’s my obligation to help others become their best selves and live their best lives

Mr. Addison explains that there are 4 leadership styles:

  1. The Hands-On Leader
  2. The Developing Leader
  3. The Lone Wolf Leader
  4. The Inspirational Leader

If your answers are mostly “1”, you’re likely a Hands On Leader.
If your answers are mostly “2”, you’re likely a Developing Leader.
If your answers are mostly “3”, you’re likely a Lone Wolf Leader.
If your answers are mostly “4”, you’re likely an Inspirational Leader.

Here’s an excerpt of his style definitions:

  1. The Hands-On Leader – Humble, hard-working, willing to be a member of the team
  2. The Developing Leader – Genuinely concerned for others, a willingness to learn
  3. The Lone Wolf Leader – Great delegator, strategist, visionary; may struggle with people skills
  4. The Inspirational Leader – A good communicator, make people feel good, create a friendly culture

*Note: The complete style definitions may be found in Success Magazine – April 2016.

Remember, we’re likely to use all styles, but we generally have a preference. All styles have strengths, and all styles, when over-used, or used when another style could obtain better results, can become a weakness. Stay tuned for part 2 next week!

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