“Everything we do is personal and emotionally driven. If you can help people feel competent, significant, and appreciated, you are fulfilling their basic human desires, and they become happier and more productive.”
–Edgar Papke, Leadership Psychologist and author.

Bottom line, employee engagement is critical for growth and success, yet per a Gallop Poll, we are experiencing an “engagement crisis” where only 13% of employees are truly engaged. That means 87% are emotionally detached, with passion, creativity and enthusiasm severely lacking, all negatively impacting results.

So how can you make your employees feel better?

Realistically assess daily interactions. Are dignity and respect a “given”? Are ideas and skills valued?

Communicate. Ask for input, truly listen, and acknowledge what you’ve heard. (That doesn’t necessarily mean you agree).

Role definition. Clearly define roles and expectations and honor contributions.

Create time for learning. Personal development needs to be budgeted and time allotted to make it happen.

Cultural evolution. Senior leaders supporting a healthy work environment will reap the most rewards.

As a leader do you ensure your staff is emotionally connected with their work? Do you understand and leverage their passion and skills hence fueling enthusiasm and growth?

What are you doing to increase employee engagement and help your company thrive? Could you do more?

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