Some say that motivation is only “self-inflicted,” but as leaders we can certainly lend assistance to motivate others and improve results.

Tony Jeary, strategist, adviser, and author, provides the following 6 tips:

  1. Invest your time in your team.
    • Understanding personal goals, values and aspirations will help foster loyal and motivated team members.
  2. Communicate to others as they wish to be communicated to. 
    • We’ve stated before that communicating in a style understood by the recipient is a win-win situation.
  3. Define how each person fits within the group.
    • Understanding, appreciating, and leveraging individual strengths builds relationships, makes the team stronger, with results more readily attained.
  4. Measure progress.
    • Make sure your team knows what’s expected of them; reward success, discuss obstacles, and provide regular feedback (minimally monthly).
  5. Teach your people how to win. 
    • Align expectations, show that you care about individual developmental needs/wants, and how achieving goals impacts the team and the person.
  6. Do favors in advance.
    • This is really about building trust and relationships, and knowing that you can be counted on, and have the ability to count others.

As a leader, what you do on a daily basis impacts your team? Providing a clear vision, connecting emotionally with each team member, and sharing your passion for success will also help motivate others.

What motivating behavior is most effective for you?

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