In Part I of Mike Kublin’s speech “Strategic Organizational Transformation is a Process, Not an Event,” Kublin introduces what his listeners will learn–the tactics and strategies for individual and organizational transformation.

We tend to think of everything as disjointed pieces of the work we do. Strategic Organizational Transformation is all about taking a holistic approach to looking at these pieces–people, process, tools, methodology, and strategy–and putting it all together.

The Value of Communication & Different Perspectives

To start a dialogue, Kublin initiates an icebreaker where people answer a series of questions on a piece of paper, and then share it with a partner. The exercise highlights the value of human communication and learning about different perspectives.

People enjoy this because learning about someone new, talking about things you like, finding out things you have in common with others, and talking about yourself, are all, generally, experiences that people find pleasurable/fun because they are engaged.

Is engagement important from a workplace perspective?

It is! From a workplace perspective, when people are engaged they are also their most productive. Engagement and connection also build trust.

When people have bonds of trust with their team, feel engaged with the overall mission and their place in the organization, and are operating at peak productivity levels, it pays on every level–including financially.

People, Process, and Tools

The world of business today is people, process, and tools, all integrated, and if we all assume the role of leaders developing leaders, then our organization can transform for the better and continue to grow.

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