This concludes the three part series related to “hot spot” awareness within your organization. As a reminder, the data is based on survey results from Development Dimensions International (DDI) and The Conference Board which identified what 13,124 leaders from 2,031 organizations and 48 countries stated what their organizations need to start doing.

My organization needs to start…

39. Communicating to the last mile

40. Increasing accountability and empowerment in the region; otherwise, it slows the company down in reacting to customer requests

41. Involving younger leaders in decision making; don’t take them for granted; they are much more up-to-date, hence don’t leave them in the name of seniority

42. Increasing staff levels so that we can work on being a leader rather than managing; workloads are too high to engage interaction and relational aspects of leadership and self-development

43. Involving leaders in the process of “what’s next”

44. Providing regular feedback/ideas on how someone is doing good or bad in a leader role

45. Training all leaders, not just new leaders; the leaders who have been here so long have to get up to speed with the changing culture and times; ensuring that leaders can choose between a number of leadership development courses

46. Building sustainability processes to support development

47. Creating development plans formally and making them transparent to staff so they are clear what they need to deliver

48. Doing something might be a start

49. Arming me with context/information around the business challenge areas I am not prepared for so I can cascade down

These same leaders were asked: What Is Your Least Effective Leadership Skill?

The top 5 responses were:

  1. 56% Fostering employee creativity and innovation
  2. 54% Leading across generations
  3. 45% Integrating oneself into inter-cultural or foreign environments
  4. 39% Inter-cultural communication within international business environments
  5. 34% Leading across countries and cultures

Cultural Competence seems to be another “hot spot”! Per J. L. Mason, M. P. Benjamin, & S. A. Lewis (1993), they encourage:

  • Organizations and individuals to learn to value cultural differences and attempt to find ways to celebrate, encourage, and respond to differences within and among themselves.

Regardless of your company, country, or industry, all leaders have challenges and many of those challenges are shared. The key is to know which challenges cause you the greatest pain, and then create a plan to attack it. What’s your starting point?

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