Last week we started a discussion around “hot spot” awareness within organizations. This was prompted by survey results from Development Dimensions International (DDI) and The Conference Board which identified what 13,124 leaders from 2,031 organizations and 48 countries stated their organizations needed to start doing.

Below is the 2nd list of responses, items 21 – 38 (out of 49 total).

My organization needs to start…

21. Involving C-level executives in developing future leaders

22. Making senior leaders more accessible

23. Showing an interest in folks who are exhibiting our excellent leadership values

24. Walking the walk senior leaders talk; there is a serious disconnect between their vision and the implementation of that vision

25. Acting consistently with stated values; don’t just say that people are our most important asset when action shows otherwise

26. Motivating people, and not in terms of money; recognize people; give effective feedback; be honest; be clear

27. Returning senior leadership to listening to first- and mid-level managers’ viewpoints Opening the lines of communication so that senior leaders know what’s really going on and we know that senior leadership knows what’s going on

28. Making sure managers understand their employees’ aspirations and work closely to achieve them

29. Putting all leaders on the same page, with the same plan, using the same leadership tools, so we all do things the same way

30. Providing a detailed career path, and being honest about it; if there is no path, then say that; if there is a path, make sure it is understood and that I am getting the right education and information

31. Outlining a five-year career plan with best- and worst-case scenarios

32. Providing better tech tools to make managers more effective and give them more time to focus on learning and leading rather than day-to-day tasks

33. Ensuring that new and existing leaders are given the tools they need using a more structured on-boarding process

34. Recognizing the positive! Create a more fun, energetic, and vibrant company culture

35. Holding people accountable

36. Allowing employees to make mistakes in attempting new or innovative methods

37. Creating more transparency, more attention to promoting women in leadership roles, and an atmosphere in which everyone has a chance to be a leader

38. Allowing leaders to attend company sponsored out-of-the-country assignments, training, and conferences

How many are in place at your workplace? For those currently not in place, which could make it more effective?
Are you in a position to make them reality?

Let us know the top 3 you feel are most beneficial to your organization.

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