Are you aware of the “hot spots” in your organization? Do you know what actions, practices, and behaviors impact effectiveness and results? Development Dimensions International (DDI) and The Conference Board conducted a survey for the 7th consecutive year and simply asked leaders what would help increase their effectiveness.

13,124 leaders from 2,031 organizations and 48 countries were queried and there were 49 items that leaders said they need to start doing. Below are the top 20 results.

My organization needs to start…

  1. Continuously developing leadership skills for all levels of management
  2. Sponsoring recognized management courses so I can keep up to date on changing dynamics
  3. Building programs where mid-level leaders can intern in another area to gain exposure and advance skills
  4. Offering an external mentorship program; an external coach may be more helpful for insights into a person’s development
  5. Enhancing mentoring of new leaders by current colleagues and next-level leaders
  6. Identifying individual strengths and weaknesses to help create a focused plan
  7. Mentoring and guiding new leaders rather than removing them from leadership positions
  8. Mentoring leaders for the first six months after they get promoted
  9. Pushing leaders out of their department to see how other departments function; interns get to do this but managers do not
  10. Valuing leaders for spending time and effort in growing their people
  11. Promoting a culture of active mentorship outside of one’s supervisor
  12. Allowing time for development by reducing secondary responsibilities
  13. Giving safe chances to sharpen leadership skills
  14. Providing more venues for learning, such as special projects and rotational placements
  15. Providing forums for managers to share ideas and discuss effective ways to handle issues
  16. Organizing informal meetings to facilitate team bonding, identify talent, and increase job satisfaction
  17. Allowing leaders to participate in outside organizations to network and better understand industry issues
  18. Making sure all leaders have the opportunity to hear the stories of our VPs and AVPs just as the high-potential group does
  19. Showing support from upper management for leaders in the same manner that leaders are taught to support the line staff
  20. Giving more opportunity to learn how senior managers handle different situations/issues

Which do you feel make your organization most effective?How many do you have in place?

Select the top 5 you want to ensure are “in place” to help leaders drive results, build bench strength, and increase effectiveness.

There’s a lot to consider, but investing your time will pay off. Watch for more next week.

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