It’s not a news flash that we’re living in a time of change and individuals, teams, and entire organizations are being impacted.

We need to assume a role of leadership regardless of our actual title to ensure team members are clear about their roles and responsibilities, share a common purpose, have specific goals and trust one another so we can better accept and lead through change.

The first step is to assess our challenges and resistance. Do you know or do you only think you know the reasons for the challenges and resistance? Have you asked others for their thoughts? During uncertain times, we need to increase our level of awareness and communicate more than ever. We need to give and receive feedback in an honoring way and appreciate differing opinions.

We need to re-build team synergy, retain, develop and re-skill top performers. We also need to “sell” our teams by publicizing successes and the value provided.

Change is both a challenge and an opportunity for growth.

It’s also a cause of stress and may breed a climate of mistrust as jobs/positions are redefined or eliminated, with stiff competition for filling open slots.

During any change there will be a period of adjustment in which anxiety and uncertainty grow, which is then accompanied by a corresponding decrease in productivity and job satisfaction levels.

You will be more effective by familiarizing yourself with the principles of change and aligning with what effective performers do, and you will benefit by:

  • Investing in yourself (this may be a personal expense)
  • Making sure your resume is up to date
  • Validating your strengths and gaps
  • Increasing and being active in your networking groups
  • Exploring new opportunities based on your “magic dust” (strengths and wants)

It’s natural to resist change, but ask yourself “if I don’t embrace the change, how might I be impacted?” It’s certainly our choice; sometimes resistance may lead to positive changes in our life, but they may also lead to undesired consequences

Do you embrace or resist change? Remember, change is a journey and can provide new and exciting opportunities and a great sense of accomplishment!

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