In John Maxwell’s book, Developing The Leaders Around You, one of the key topics is that a leader’s toughest challenge is to create a climate for future leaders.

It takes a leader with a vision to see the future leader within the person.
–John Maxwell

Why? Because you not only need to recognize talent in others but you must also create an environment that will attract new leaders and allow them to flourish. (We also suggest maintaining a climate for existing leaders which allows them to continually learn/grow, and effectively influence those they interact with.)

Leaders must be change agents within their environment. The analogy in the book compares a thermostat to a thermometer.

Although they both measure heat, a thermometer is passive and records the temperature and can do little more.

The thermostat is dynamic; it determines the environment by enabling change and modifying the climate.

The climate within an organization and the attitude of the leaders are essential for having a consistently positive atmosphere which builds momentum.

Maxwell also says “momentum is the greatest of all change agents.” More than 90% of successful changes within organizations have been the result of creating momentum before asking people to change.

With momentum leaders look better.

With momentum followers increase their performance.

Tips to aid in the growth of leadership skills:

  • Model desired styles of leadership
  • Give meaningful and well intended feedback
  • Solicit feedback (what do I do well? What could I change? What should I stop doing?)
  • Share your goals
  • Celebrate successes
  • Review failures (what could have been done differently for more favorable results?)
  • Establish clear roles and share expectations
  • Delegate
  • Do not demand of others what you will not demand of yourself
  • Encourage continual learning
  • Select a mentor

Leadership is a journey and like the thermostat, it must be dynamic. Successful leaders adapt to and influence change, and create a positive work environment.

If your work climate is not desirable, how successful do you think you and your organization will be?

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