Leadership has challenges, and now with direct reports spanning the globe as well as the ability to work remotely, new challenges are being faced.

Leaders need to lead those in the same location as well as those that cross time zones. All must be treated equally, kept informed, inspired, engaged, and be fully productive. d

Reports show:

  • 20% of workers around the globe spend a portion of their work week working remotely
  • 7% are full time telecommuters

Note: Canada, Great Britain, and the U.S. require the most “at work” workers (37%, 37%, 38% respectively)

The major pluses:

  • Telecommuters have 83% less stress than those that commute to their workplace
  • 78% said they have a better work/life balance

The negatives:

  • 62% feel isolated not seeing their co-workers face to face
  • 56% are less likely to be promoted when working remotely

What does this mean to you as a leader?

  • Leading remotely means you need to be a skilled communicator
  • Priorities must be shared and roles clearly understood
  • Share what is expected of each individual (and each location) and include the “big picture” and desired results
  • Ensure all interactions end with closure. This means that everyone involved knows who is going to do what by when
  • Check in regularly with each employee
  • Revisit the team goals and objectives; use “here’s where we are” statements, ask questions, and invite everyone to share their opinion and thoughts about the progress that is being made
  • Keep your boss and other leaders informed of your team’s accomplishments and successes

Lastly, ask your direct reports (remote workers as well as onsite personnel) for their ideas for making the team, and virtual relationships and leadership even stronger.

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