We’re pretty sure you’ve heard the quip that learning never stops. What about that leadership requires ongoing development?

Effective (and successful) leaders adopt the mindset of being continual learners which better positions them to manage, communicate and lead through change, address problems and issues, make informed and timely decisions, and more strategically influence their team/organization.

For an organization to survive, its rate of learning must be at least equal to the rate of change in its external environment
–Professor Reg Revans

L = P + Q

Professor Reg Revans (1907-2003), was an Olympian, physicist, professor, author, and management consultant who pioneered action learning.

He created a formula: L = P + Q

learning = programmed knowledge + questioning insight

The scope for continuous learning is limitless; it could address workload management, technical skills, soft skills, “people” problems, process issues, project management, the handling of difficult situations, or simply being an advocate for enabling and empowering people to learn with, and from, each other.

One of Professor Revans’ beliefs was that the key to improving performance was not exclusive to the thoughts/opinions of ‘experts’, but that practitioners must also have a say. It requires that each team member not only study their own actions, experiences, and behaviors, but also those they interact with.

Action learning frequently includes having a coach who is responsible for promoting and facilitating new learnings, and encourages and helps the team become self-managing.

Once again, we’re circling back to the need for awareness (of self and others); we need to identify and leverage individual and organizational strengths, and we need to address/minimize and develop any gaps that impede progress, profits, products, or services.

Are you a continual learner? What development plans do you have in place for yourself and for your staff?

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