During the last several years there has been a large push towards faster delivery and a more rapid deployment of solutions promoting innovation and growth. This is wonderful news for using a creative energetic process that permits out of the box thinking while increasing customer satisfaction.

It no longer takes years for implementations to occur (or for enhancements to be applied), but it does require a new mindset, new processes, new tools, and of course skilled resources.

Our resources are the crux of the matter. We must continue to understand how people work, think, act and react, and we need to understand that the basic foundation of any team is trust.

The faster you build it, the better it is for obtaining results!

Too often as technocrats we think that we can circumvent the “people” development side of the equation, and forget (or choose not to concern ourselves) about how we “show up,” and limit our focus to the task at hand.

Key components of being adaptive and agile include placing an emphasis on teamwork and continuous improvement, and of course possessing a strong sense of values. Make sure the following values are incorporated within the framework of your team: focus, courage, openness, commitment, and respect.

Get to know your team members! Understand one another, know the gifts or “Magic Dust” of each team member, and honor, support, and leverage them. A strong sense of self awareness, and an awareness of what others are passionate about will inspire and release more occurrences of innovation and growth that will transcend your current business state.

Trust within teams fosters collaboration. Obstacles will be addressed and removed, and if the issue is out of their “scope” of responsibility, they will work with other teams that do have the authority to take action.

Communication is always key. Everyone must have, and must share information, so that decision making is effective, that problems and concerns are openly discussed, and that solutions are timely (immediate!).

Be adaptive and agile and let your courage allow you to undertake greater challenges!

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