How much change are you observing in the workplace? The need for team work is stronger than ever; leading by intimidation is pretty much a thing of the past, the leader may or may not be the subject matter expert, and the need to collaborate is at an all time high.

So, how is this working? Quite honestly, it depends on the individuals that comprise each team. If you’re part of a team that listens to one another, is open to new ideas, and promotes interactions that are trusting and respectful, it takes success to new heights.  If these behaviors are lacking, desired results are hard to achieve.

Eric Burton’s (BBB-Capitol) 5 things that all successful managers need to know:

5. Trusting Workplaces Breed Creativity

  • The best leaders find a way to encourage creativity in their teams. “Everybody has the ability to be creative in one way or another,” said executive coach Charles Day. “The key is to figure out how to unlock it in your employees.”

4. Trust Your Intuition – Sometimes

  • Within a generation, the concept of instinctive intuition has gone from quack science to a proven strategy for success in business. That’s in large part thanks to studies that show it’s best to rely on a gut feeling when you need to make a quick decision.
  • It’s especially true when you have extensive knowledge of a subject. “Intuition is the result of your subconscious brain picking up on clues and hints and calculating the situation for you, and that’s based solely on experience,” says Massimo Pigliucci.

3. Know When to be Funny

  • Knowing when to use a joke can help disarm uncomfortable situations and help bosses build real relationships with their employees. However, jokes should never belittle a more junior employee or stray in to the realm of off-color humor.
  • But a boss who can crack jokes at his own expense? That’s a good way to lighten the mood.

2. Trust in Delegation

  • It takes faith for managers to delegate important tasks, and it’s something few successfully pull off. The reason is simple: They often think they’re better equipped to do the work than their more junior employees.
  • Instead, the key is to trust them with the difficult parts of the job. Let them succeed, with just a few nudges and checks, workers will be more likely to work hard for you.

1. Top-Down Collaboration

  • Creating workplace collaboration isn’t as simple as just telling employees to work together. Instead, managers must give their teams specific tools, then oversee how they are being used.
  • Managers must show how good ideas come out of working together. They must also demonstrate that real collaboration equals innovation, and be on the watch for communication breakdowns.
  • Meetings may lead to team members disagreeing. Within reason, that’s a good thing. Conflict displayed in a healthy, honoring, and respectful way, lends itself to creativity, stronger relationships, and more successes!

How many of the 5 “Must Have” skills do you exhibit daily? Are there any you could develop?

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