As leaders we make decisions daily that are critical to the success of our organization. We continually seek ways to grow revenue, reduce costs, and build bench-strength.

We make decisions that link and support initiatives across the organization, and we spread levels of awareness for understanding how behaviors and processes link with our strategy, our vision, and our goals.

Strategic planning is worthless – unless there is first a strategic vision.
–John Naisbitt

How to Start Thinking Strategically

Many of us do not excel at thinking strategically, or at identifying and cultivating future leaders that have the capacity to think strategically. Here is an action guide to get you going:

  • Define the business you are in and stay on top of the trends within our industry.
  • Know who your customers are and their needs and wants.
  • Identify what services you provide. Could additions/deletions add value? What are our differentiators?
  • Determine what you want your organization to be known for.
  • Analyze pursuing strategic alliances; create a plan to make it real.
  • Engage your high performers!

The intent is to align staff to collaborate and support the attainment of desired short and long term results, and provide new ideas and fresh thinking for growth opportunities.

  • Conduct brain-storming workshops. Determine how to categorize ideas as good, great, “later,” or not actionable.
  • What value will the new idea provide?
  • How will the new idea(s) impact your organization (negatively and positively)?

Fortune magazine named Elon Musk the 2013 Business Person Of The Year. Why? Because of his multi-dimensional thinking, his obsession for design perfection, his passion, his clarity, and his conviction.

What plans to you have in place to drive exceptional business results, infuse innovation and creativity, adapt a growth mindset, and influence others to remain motivated, inspired and renewed?