Sometimes we don’t know what leaders are doing. They’re not always visible, their efforts are frequently behind the scenes, and too often only accomplishments are recognized.

Even when they are visible, our view is limited to seeing them perform their “normal” tasks at work. We don’t know all the great things done behind the scenes. Our own Roger Sandals is one of those people. He has a heart of gold and shows it in his actions to help others.

Great leadership usually starts with a willing heart, a positive attitude, and a desire to make a difference.
–Mac Anderson

In the PeopleTek world, Roger over-sees our finances. Outside of PeopleTek, Roger takes an active leadership role in the community.

One of our mottos is: Leadership is taking and empowering people to go where they’ve never gone and wouldn’t go by themselves.

Roger lives this motto!  One of his personal goals is to help others have a better quality of life for themselves, and those they interact with.

Roger holds 12 step meetings for individuals that want to take control of their lives and put an addiction behind them. He has been running meetings for many years and actively helps people stay on the road of alcohol and drug recovery.

Recently, Roger came up with the idea to start a not for profit organization that will assist people with alcohol problems that have no access to a recovery center. While the planning is in the initial stages, Roger is working hard to obtain support and establish a framework that will have long term benefits.

He is a silent leader, and does these things since they feel right to him and provide value to others. He’s not looking for validation or rewards; he just wants to make a difference. These types of individuals deserve to be recognized for the value they provide as they truly exude the definition of leadership.

When a person acts from their heart they:

  • Are truly concerned about the well-being of others
  • Possess a strong desire to help others succeed
  • Understand set-backs and encourage rather than demoralize
  • Jointly celebrate milestone successes
  • Are always willing to listen and not judge

We think everyone would benefit from having a “Roger” in their life!  Are you a “Roger” to anyone personally or professionally?