Many of us were promoted into leadership positions with minimal or no training, development, or mentorship.

We were great at a job, a role, or specific tasks, and then all of the sudden we were thrust into a role without a paddle. This sometimes results in an inability to move forward, and perhaps even “flop”.

So what’s the “flip”? It’s turning it around and seeking known remedies and opportunities!

We can help ourselves by learning new tools, techniques and methods that are tried and true. This takes courage. We have to first admit:

  1. Change is required.
  2. Things can be better.

This can be difficult for prideful, successful professionals and technicians that suddenly have a need for assistance. It takes courage to reach out and begin to investigate and reflect on where the gaps and needs exist, and how to find the tools that will perpetuate individual growth.

In 1988 I was told I was a visionary, motivating, inspiring, and great with customers. I was also told I was wishy-washy and didn’t hold individuals accountable for their behavior. It was a hard message to hear and process, but one that was required.

Leaders need to sharpen their skills for making decisions, managing conflict, building trust, setting goals and plans, and developing teams (to name a few). We need to not only look at ourselves from our own point of view, but also from that of our boss, colleagues, peers, customers and vendors.

Once we’ve identified our growth areas, the next step is select the tools, skills and actions required to address our needs. This may mean getting a coach or participating in a coaching/development program that will build our skill-set.

Why do the best and brightest people in the world use coaches? Because they get results!

It takes courage and actions to not “flop”, and to be willing to turn it around by engaging known remedies and opportunities (flip).

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“Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities . . . because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”
–Winston Churchill