This week on a morning news show, Jon Meacham said: “Building character is a process, not an event.” Does this quote sound familiar? It probably does as we’ve been purporting this idea for years.

Building and maintaining character is encompassed in strengthening leadership skills, and is what, in part, will influence others to follow and respect you.

The glue that holds all relationships together — including the relationship between the leader and the led is trust, and trust is based on integrity.
–Brian Tracy

CHARACTER and LEADERSHIP…If you had to pick the top 2 characteristics that strong leaders must possess, what would you choose?

We pick:

  1. Integrity
  2. Trust


  • To be a leader (successful or otherwise), you must have followers.
  • You can’t succeed without the trust and confidence of your team.
  • Your peers, subordinates and co-workers will work around you if you are perceived as untrustworthy or not living the values you require from them, or they from you.

Trust can be lost (or never obtained) when:

  •  You are too direct.  People can be caught off guard and become   uncomfortable. As a result your message and intention are never received
  •  Point fingers or are too quick to assess blame
  •  Play favorites or only give a “chosen few” opportunities
  •  Jump to conclusions
  •  Fail to solicit opinions or differing ideas
  •  Don’t “walk the talk”
  •  Are unable to say no and as a result over commit
  •  Don’t treat others respectfully
  •  Won’t take a stand (or make one and continually change it)
  •  Are disorganized
  •  Exhibit inconsistent behaviors and have inconsistent expectations
  •  Are non responsive
  •  Lack the ability to admit mistakes

Trust produces positive and productive relationships and improves results. Communication lines are open, conflicts are addressed in a healthy manner, collaboration is enhanced and creativity and new ideas flow.

Are trust and integrity characteristics you consistently “live” and strongly encourage in others?

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