Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979 to 1990, passed away Monday. Although not appreciated by everyone, she was respected for her leadership style, standards, and determination, which earned her the title of “Iron Lady.” As a leader, Lady Thatcher was also known for her intelligence, her authenticity, her refusal to back down on issues important to her, her intuitive and strategic skills, and having a strong sense of purpose.

Opinions on Margaret Thatcher remain divided after her death, but what is hard to argue with is that she was a great and influential leader. And here are three leadership qualities any manager can learn from Lady Thatcher: Passion, Determination and Confidence.
–Bernard Marr

Leadership Development Lessons from Margaret Thatcher

  • Work hard.
  • Emphasize your strengths to stand out from the crowd.
  • Network with others.
  • Find strong mentors who can give you inside tips on how to improve your career growth and your leadership skills.
  • Find what makes you unique.
  • Capitalize on your talents.
  • Project a clear message that helps you to stand out.
  • Live a life that demonstrates your values and supports your career growth.
  • Don’t get stuck in a rut.
  • Continue to grow and evolve as you rise through the ranks.
  • Stay humble and open to continuing to learn new lessons throughout your career.

Extracted from Employee Development Systems blog.

What leadership development lesson stands out for you? Do you lead with passion, determination, and confidence?