Happy New Year!  The holiday season is winding down and now it’s time to establish a clear direction for 2013.  In the words of John F. Kennedy “Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

Setting our direction keeps us moving forward; we need to know where we want to end up, and we need a plan for reaching that destination. PeopleTek’s COMPASS can help!


By using the PeopleTek COMPASS, you will:

(Re)Discover your passion
Reconstruct your career
Influence productivity for growth
Establish and share a direction to achieve success

So, how should you start using the COMPASS? We suggest reviewing your VISION, MISSION, GOALS, MEASURES and BEHAVIORS.

Are they documented?

Do you “live” the behaviors necessary to realize them?

Have you communicated them?

Could you change any behaviors to better support the attainment of your VMGM?

Based on our experience, the biggest mistake people make when setting goals, and the biggest misconception people have about goal setting is that don’t think they need them; when they finally realize they do need them, they don’t write them down.

Another issue is that people think their goals need to be perfect. Not true! Goals must be re-visited, and revised as necessary.

Use the COMPASS components to assist you. As a reminder the components are:

C – Clarity and Communication
O – Optimize Differences
M – Manage Change
P – Plan, Persist, and Organize
A – Appropriately Handle Conflict
S – Sustain/Enhance Relationships
S – Skillfully Influence Others

For each of the components, ask and answer:

What is known and shared about your strengths and opportunities?

-In what ways could you be more open and authentic?

-Who can you ask for feedback to learn more about your strengths and areas for improvement?

-How could you be more creative and innovative?

-What can be added to your development plan to  strengthen the components and be more impactful?

Recommended reading:

LEADERSHIP  – Rudolph W. Giuliani
Wishcraft: How To Get What You Really Want— Barbara Sher & Annie Gottlieb

Start the new year off by leading with purpose and direction!