As mentioned last week, we developed PeopleTek’s Leadership COMPASS to provide you with a holistic approach to successful leadership.

Our COMPASS is a tool which may be used throughout your career. It identifies key components for providing direction and for obtaining desired results. It’s available in PDF and excel formats.

#1 – Leadership COMPASS Series

Getting started requires self-reflection. It requires getting to know and understand YOU. It means having the ability to answer: Where are you going?

You must have a vision, a mission, goals, and measures, and they must be supported by appropriate behaviors and actions. They must be documented, shared, and understood, with all team members being purposeful about the behaviors they demonstrate. There must also be the willingness to change/eliminate ineffective and counter-productive behaviors, and identify and implement new ones.

Vision, Mission, Goals, Measures = Behaviors


It’s a dream or aspiration that you as the leader have for yourself and your organization. The vision provides direction and guides us to a place far away.  It may be unattainable but we strive for focus and make strides for getting there.


Represents what you are going to do and how you’re going to do it to carry out your vision. It makes the vision come closer to us; it brings the vision alive for us and makes it more personal. The mission begins to bring clarity to your vision.


Bring 100 percent personal clarity to your vision and mission. It requires ACTION. Think in terms of what, when, and how the actions will be carried out, by whom, and by when. The goals must be “SMART”:  Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Metrics or Tape Measure

Symbolizes measurement and provides guidance and direction.  It also acts as a compass letting us know if we are not on track and if our direction or behavior requires change.

Our Vision, Mission, Goals and Measures dictate all of our leadership, team and organizational behaviors. By creating them with purpose, rather than by chance or mistake, we will be more successful and deliver stronger results for our customers, shareholders and ourselves.

It’s time for self-reflection; are you willing to step out of your comfort zone and take your leadership to the next level?