This week NFL football kicks off it’s 2012 – 2013 season. While some of you may be avid football fans, we realize many of you have no interest whatsoever, but we did want to share a little-known leadership program that the NFL has created.

Department NFLPE (National Football League Player Engagement) exists with the purpose to create a model of best practices that will maximize player potential “for a lifetime of commitment, contribution, and community.” How cool is that?

The mission is to maximize players’ potential by facilitating education and life skills training to prepare them for success before, during and after their playing career.
(NFL Player Engagement Mission)

Player Engagement

The Player – to – Player model connects generations of players through a variety of programs that promote success on and off the field. Active players that “do the right things” are chosen to become mentors, contributors, and possibly ambassadors to other players.

Ambassadors (active and past players) are critical to the success of player engagement and must complete a program to become certified as a Transition Coach. They work with 3 areas of player engagement: PREP (pre-NFL), LIFE (active players), and NEXT (former players), and focus on core areas. They include academic excellence, leadership development, social responsibility, health, safety, and wellness.

In addition to working on the core areas, they also focus on:

  • Protecting the NFL brand
  • Establishing best practices
  • Promoting players as their most valuable asset
  • Preserving and growing the game
  • Formalizing standards and certifications
  • Preparing high school and college athletes for becoming professional
  • Supporting Play 60 (exercise for 60 minutes/day)

As leaders (remember, we’re all leaders as we all have the ability to influence others), what more can we do to prepare our business or organization for success, while maximizing the potential of those we work with?

Is there anything to be learned from NFLPE?


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