Stay on Track With PeopleTek’s Leadership Compass

Given that leadership and having and providing clear direction go hand in hand, we created PeopleTek’s “Leadership COMPASS” as a tool to stay on track. 

Do you believe that we’re all leaders? Some have the belief that leaders are born; at PeopleTek we believe that everyone is a leader. (You’ve heard this many times before!) As leaders, it’s up to us to use our skills, abilities, and talents to maximum our potential. Leadership is comprised of many components, and one of the most important is the ability to know and understand YOU. If asked, how would you respond to:

  1. Where are you going? (vision, mission, goals)
  2. How do you plan on getting there? (strategy and plans)
  3. How could others assist and support you? (people)
  4. What may get in your way? (barriers, weaknesses and the over-use of strengths)

Tying into the first question, success requires having a vision, a mission, goals, and measures, and that ALL behaviors support them. (We also refer to this as VMGM=B.) They must be documented, shared, and understood. Effective leaders need to demonstrate the behaviors necessary to realize them, and must be willing to change/eliminate some behaviors that will better position them for success. That’s where the Leadership COMPASS comes in.

Leadership and direction go hand in hand.

Leadership COMPASS Components

C – Communicate Effectively
O – Optimize Differences
M – Manage Change
P –  Plan, Persist, and Organize
A – Appropriately Handle Conflict
S – Sustain/Enhance Relationships
S – Skillfully Influence Others

As leaders we need to:

  • Determine what we KNOW about our strengths and opportunities
  • Go through a DISCOVERY process and solicit feedback
  • Be AUTHENTIC and identify how we can increase levels of trust and be open (and sometimes vulnerable)
  • Identify ways to be more INNOVATIVE and creative

You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again: leadership and success require courage, commitment, and the willingness to step out of our comfort zone.

You must create and develop your leadership skills with a purpose, not by mistake. You need to take the time for self-reflection and be willing to develop and change some behaviors that will enable you to better support your vision and your goals.

What is one action you’re willing to take to become a stronger leader?

Ready to try the Leadership COMPASS and see where it can take you in your leadership development journey?


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