Alpha Kappa Psi was founded on the principles of educating its members and the public to appreciate and demand higher ideals in business. . .

Principled Leaders

Participants attended up to 5 leadership sessions and had the ability for their school to compete against other schools in a case competition.

Alpha Kappa Psi logo; principled leadersLevels of energy and enthusiasm were unsurpassed; some attendees were in their final year of school, others had 1 or 2 years remaining. In the closing ceremony, (where the entire group was assembled), they were asked to “please stand if you’re leader.” We were delighted to see 100% of the attendees stand up. We have NEVER seen that happen in any venue!

Members of the fraternity know their vision and mission statements and live the following values:

  • Brotherhood– Trust, respect, cooperation, companionship, and aid to brother members is the expected norm
  • Knowledge – Education and experience is emphasized and shared
  • Integrity – All actions, whether in business or in life, are guided by honesty, ethics, and fairness
  • Service– Sharing of time, talent, and treasure with society and with our fraternity is a priority
  • Unity – A common understanding of their vision and values that transcends chapter, generation, and profession is utilized to anticipate and create the future

Does your staff, team, or organization know their vision and mission statements? Would 100% stand if they were asked if they were leaders? Having shared values, and knowing what your vision, mission, and supporting goals are things that facilitate success.

Congratulations to the Alpha Kappa Psi brotherhood for their commitment to leadership development, and ultimately, success!