Positivity is an essential constituent of inspiring, engaging leadership.
—Deiric McCann

Do you agree that success is based on positivity and happiness? Think about a leader that had the greatest impact on you. Was their demeanor one of negativity?

It’s rare that we feel inspired and motivated when working in environments that make us feel bad, or where we are not appreciated.

The Huge Impact of Positivity In The Workplace

Happiness inspires success. It is internally driven. We own it. How we allow our brain to process what’s going on around us determines our happiness level. This in turn directly equates to our level of success. (It’s been found that IQ only accounts for 25% of what we achieve).

Some think the harder they work the happier they’ll be, but this has been found to be false. When a team and organization work in positive environments, people thrive and goals are more readily achieved.

As a leader, we have the ability to influence others and help create that desired positive environment. We need to listen. We need open lines of communication. We need to build trust. We need to address conflict. We need to make sure accountability and ownership are part of the workplace. And, we need to look for the positive.

Actions to Inspire Positivity

For many, times are tough. We need to watch for and recognize behaviors that are allowing negativity to creep in. Psychologist Shawn Achor suggests the following to help inspire positivity:

  • Think about what you have to be thankful about
  • Keep a journal and write in it at least one “positive” each day
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Read inspirational quotes daily
  • Conduct random acts of kindness daily ex. recognize another’s accomplishment

Engaged leaders positively impact others! The benefits: Enhanced decision-making skills, stronger teamwork, less stress, more innovative and creative ideas, increased results, and a happier more productive staff.

Watch the Ted Talk we found about The Happy Secret to Better Work.